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Welcome to Wye Consult  + Design. We specialise in the design of structured cabling systems and physical security within the built environment. We work primarily with systems integrators, contractors and architects on all types of construction projects including offices, hospitals and airports.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we provide design services for every stage of your construction project from development stage through to when the practical completion. We also offer independent witness testing to ensure your systems are compliant and in full working order.

Our business model is primarily fixed cost, enabling you to mitigate project overhead costs whilst having industry experts deliver your project's design, contact us at Wye Consult + Design and see what we can do for you. We provide structured cabling services in London and all over the UK.


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Detailed Design

Wye Consult + Design Ltd are an independent design practise specialising in the detailed design and design development of structured cabling and physical security systems within the built environment.



For projects that are at a more advanced stage of development, we can also work with SI's and Contractors in creating a finalised structured data cabling design that is ready for your installers.



Independent Testing

The only way to ensure network infrastructure is in full working order is with independent testing and verification. We use the latest equipment that will highlight headroom, any risks and give your business total peace of mind.


Design Authority

In addition to structured cabling design, we can assist your team get the best from your project by ensuring the best practices and standards are adopted and implemented.



Structured Cabling Design in London


Take-Off, BoM and Estimating

We also offer a take-off service and pre-sales support function. Get in touch and see if we can be of any assistance on your next project.




About Wye Consult + Design



We have over 25 years of experience designing structured cabling for a variety of projects from offices to hospitals. Whatever the size and scale of your project, you can be sure that we possess the knowledge and know-how to provide the best solution.


Complete Service

Whether you need a detailed design or consultancy, our design consultants can act as your design manager, overseeing the whole design process from conception through to approval and construction.


Save Money and Time

Managing and designing complex infrastructure can be a lengthy process, especially if you have little experience in it. Save yourself serious time, energy and money by outsourcing this critical function to us.





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At Wye Consult + Design, we provide structured cabling design in London and anywhere else in the UK. If you are seeking a reliable designer who you can trust, contact us today to arrange a free consultation.


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